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Castle Beeny Farm is on the Southwest Coast Path that goes around the Cornish peninsular.
Coastal grassland that is devoted to accommodating our small beef herd is carefully tended to provide an outdoor environment for the grazing and raising of animals in their natural habitat.

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Activities at Castle Beeny Farm

In order to support British farmers, we have been permitted to offer visitors to Castle Beeny Farm a lot more.
For up to 28 days per year, we are able to "diversify" and offer different things to visitors who are keen to really support the British farmer.
Despite being a primary food producer in a first-world country, without this support, farming is just not viable, so we are grateful for this and intend to offer authentic experience during the period allowed.
During Covid, this allowance was increased to 56 days in a year.
[we will post on this website when we are permitted to participate]

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Stonewalling and Camping

Stay on the farm when you learn to stonewall.

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Barbecue Events

Learn to cook your favorite cuts on an open fire.

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Cliffhanger Bar

Originating from Thomas Hardy, we add a thirst quencher from our pop-up bar.

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Our Herd

Castle Beeny Farm has been developing its unique beef since 2014. It is a closed herd, which means that we do not buy in animals to finish on the farm.
The Castle Beeny production herd comprises pedigree native heritage breed Devons and British Beef Shorthorns – each with special attributes sought by us to enhance the amazing meat carefully produced on our farm over many years. The mother’s milk goes to the calf, not to the supermarket in plastic bottles.
We have a closed herd, which means that we dont buy in livestock to finish them for production: Our animals are born and raised on Castle Beeny Farm.
Our bulls are special. We cross our pedigree heritage bloodlines with real Wagyu, and registered pedigree Beef Shorthorn.
This makes the beef real, and you can taste the difference.

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Fullblood WAGYU

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Russell Crowe

Pedigree Beef Shorthorn

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Hugh Jackman

Pedigree Beef Shorthorn

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