Superb beef from our Cornish farm!

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Barbecue Kit

Quality Wagyu steak supplied with a marinade rub to make it absolutely delicious for you and your guests : who will be impressed with your talent!

Get your 6 Nations event on track for glory!

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Buy n Braai Events

Barbecue events on the Beeny cliff where you can cook and enjoy your favorite beef cut prepared on an open fire!


On fine weekends in summer enjoy a well earned refreshment on your walk to Fire Beacon Point

Cut and

Biltong and Dry Wors from our farm:
Made in our professional kitchen using an authentic recipe.

Stonewalling Courses and Camping

Learn to do stone walling/Cornish hedging in these beautiful surrounds. Camp on the farm and relax!

Ostrich Products

George is one of our four ostriches. The hens lay from April to September, and their eggs have been posted throughout the UK

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We ship to mainland UK in insulated packaging

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Our meat is prepared in our ow purpose-built artisan butchery

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